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HostGator vs. Dreamhost – Which Web Host is Better?

by fijhog .

One of the first things to consider when deciding to build an online presence, whether for personal and business, is the choice of hosting. We have already discussed in another article on why you should choose a hosting fee rather than a free one , and we also talked about in the guide on how to create a blog . So this time we will focus on the selection of the best ones for a fee.

Many people, when faced with the choice of web hosting services, you pose a few questions, including; which hosting to take? How much does it cost ? Although questions may be entirely legitimate, the parameters to be taken into account in assessing and comparing different hosting providers are varied.


Choosing a Hosting Provider

Check the uptime that they offer you. The uptime is basically the time that your website is online without interruption. Are you looking for a value close to 99% and beware of 100%. Some cloud hosting offer an uptime of about 99.99%, and this is due to the fact that if there are problems, your site will be moved to another server.

Bandwidth: The more traffic you get, the more bandwidth you need, so check this parameter when choosing. A good host should give you the option to switch from your plan to a higher level in the future if you need it (if you’ll need more RAM, more space, more resources).

Finally, we return to the price factor. The main providers offer guarantees ” money back guarantee “that can vary from 30 to 60 days, giving you the chance to test them and change if you are not satisfied. Read through the contract if there are, but usually there are no constraints to stay. In addition, many hosting providers offer the option to pay monthly.

To top it off, we see a list of the top 5:

  • Dreamhost
  • HostMonster
  • BlueHost
  • JustHost
  • HostGator

DreamHost Web Hosting Services

While choosing  web hosting services you should know that the Dreamhst offers a free domain forever and  unlimited email accounts . Obviously,  the space and unlimited traffic are also appealing to the users. These services are very useful and help your sites to be started in business. DreamHost gives its customers the best ways to drive traffic and potential customers to their websites, in fact after the registration you can receive $ 75 in Google AdWords credits. Google AdWords is used to advertise your site in searches by other people using keywords. The same sponsors also appear on sites that use AdSense.

Hostgator Web Hosting Services

The customers satisfied with the services offered by Hostgator touches the tips of 98% , largely due to the support offered by the customer service that operates every day to grow the company and make it become absolute and undisputed world leader in the field of web hosting and related services.

Every plan of web hosting , created by Hostgator , comes with a money back guarantee for 45 days and in 99.9% of cases, the customer has no reason to use them as is impressed by the services offered.

Hostgator also is committed to making it easy to transfer the customer’s site to the new account on Hostgator hosting , all completely free of charge.